Second Engineer

ID: 66 (Second Engineer) 59 years old





USA visa, C1/D

no valid visa

Nearest Intl. Airport

Ukraine, Donetsk, Donetsk

Had experience on

Container Ship: max. DWT: 24561

Last known contract

Second Engineer

Container Ship, DWT: 24561
signed off: 129 month(s) ago

seafarer photo
Expected readiness 17.07.2013Minimum expected salary $ 6000
Agency Vessel Ship particulars Position Start End
Apexshipmeneg.Container Ship (Singapore)
DWT: 24561
man B&W 16680 HP
HFO - Heavy Fuel Oil
crane: nil
Second Engineer17.07.201216.11.2012
Certificate of competency Number Issued Expires Country
Certificate Issued Expires Country
Basic Safety Course (VI/1) 21.05.2012 21.05.2017
Survival Craft and Rescue Boats (VI/2-1) 11.05.2012 11.05.2017
Medical Fintness Certificate 24.05.2012 24.05.2017
Passport, visa Number Issued Expires Country
National seaman's book AB457214 23.06.2011 23.06.2016 Ukraine
Tourist passport EP018790 31.05.2012 31.05.2022 Ukraine